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Chilean Rose Tarantula

Chilean Rose Tarantula Latin Name Grammostola rosea    Order: Araneae     Family:  Overview The Chilean rose-haired tarantula is the hardiest of tarantulas and is easy to find in human care and is one of the most common found in ambassador animal situations. Although it has a reputation for being docile (calm), it varies in temperment widely from individual to individual.

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Emperor Scorpion

Pandinus imperator Order: Scorpiones Husbandry Information Housing Requirements This is one of the few scorpions that can be housed in small groups. Use a 5-15 gallon terrarium, depending on the number you house. Use a substrate of damp sand and peat moss with a top layer of cypress mulch. Substrate should be 3-6 inches deep. Temperature should be between 75-80

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