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Radiated Tortoise

Astrochelys radiata Order: Testudines Family: Testudinidae Radiated tortoises are the closest living relative of the Ploughshare tortoises, the most endangered tortoises in the world. Overview This striking species gives the perfect opportunity to talk about the unique biodiversity of Madagascar and the plight of endangered species across the globe. Radiated tortoises are personable and allow guests a hands on experience

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Spring-Summer 2018

Download Spring-Summer 2018 (06-27-2018) News from the Ambassador Animal SAG Trending Topics in Ambassador Animals Trending Topics: Domestic Dogs and Cats as Ambassador Animals: A Look at Eight Facilities Ambassadors in Action: A Slow but Steady Race Against Extinction: Training Radiated Tortoises to Inspire Public Participation in Conservation Efforts Show and Tail: Housing Ambassador Animals on Exhibit Learning How to Give

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