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Red River Hog

Potamochoerus porcus Order: Artiodactyla Husbandry Information Housing Requirements An enclosure that is proof against extensive rooting and general destruction. No exposed or buried pipes or wires. Square footage is important as this is a terrestrial animal. Some like spacious caves or overhangs. Heat in cool temperatures. May or may not enjoy pools/mud wallows. Diet Requirements Herbivore pellets, fresh produce of

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Naked Mole-rat

Heterocephalus glaber Order: Rodentia Husbandry Information Housing Requirements Naked mole-rats have a natural instinct to tunnel and are able to chew through most materials over time. They may be contained in glass or plastic-walled cylinders (like clear PVC pipes) or cubes (like glass tanks) as long as they can’t get their teeth around any edges and chew through. When housing

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Cape Porcupine

Hystrix africaeustralis Order: Rodentia Husbandry Information Housing Requirements Very good diggers; need concrete or chain link under dirt to allow digging behavior but prevent escape. Live in burrows; need a nestbox or cave. Expect chewing on any chewable surfaces. Food and water bowls should be metal or concrete. Branches or small logs for chewing are necessary for tooth conditioning –

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