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Marmota monax Order: Rodentia Family: Sciuridae The name of the order “Rodentia” comes from the Latin word “rodere”, which means “to gnaw”. Groundhogs are part of the marmot group within Sciuridae, and are the largest members of the ground squirrel family. Also known as a woodchuck Overview Groundhogs can be a wonderful addition to an ambassador group. As a native

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Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris               Order: Rodentia          Family: Caviidae Natural History Information Range and Habitat The native range of H. hydrochaeris occurs to the east of the Canal Zone in Panama, and on the east side of the Andes in South America from Colombia and the Guianas to Uruguay and northeastern Argentina (Mones & Ojasti, 1986). The native range of H. isthmius occurs in

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