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Octodon degus Order: Rodentia Husbandry Information Housing Requirements Must have stout metal housing – degus will quickly chew through anything plastic. Degus are very active; a running wheel is a must, and a decent level of rotational enrichment will also keep them from chewing everything apart. Ideally, use a mesh running wheel or “flying saucer style” wheel to prevent injuries

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Chinchilla lanigera Order: Rodentia Family: Chinchillidae “Chinchilla”’ means “little chincha.” Chincha is the South American Indian tribe for which the animal is named. “Lanigera” in latin means “woolly,” although the thick fur of chinchillas is not wool. They are closely related to viscachas, rodents that look very similar to rabbits. Overview With proper rearing and training, chinchillas can make great

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Mandarin Rat Snake

Elaphe mandarina Order: Sauria — Family Colubridae Husbandry Information Housing Requirements Mandarin rat snakes can be kept in the same kind of enclosure that we would keep a Milk Snake, Kingsnake or Corn Snake. The Brandywine Zoo houses theirs in a Vision Cage. This species is fossorial and montane, therefore providing opportunities for burrowing in hides or substrate is appropriate either

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