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Winter 2021

Download Winter 2021 (01-11-2021) newsletter This issue includes: AASAG Committee Updates AASAG Communications Committee Update: 2020 Ambassador Animal Collections Survey Results AASAG Best Practices Initiative Update AASAG Professional Development and Research Initiatives Update Articles Socially Distanced Guest Engagement in the Time of COVID-19 SHOW AND TAIL: To Every Animal, There is a Season (Barn Owl) SHOW AND TAIL: The Little

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summer 2020

Download Summer 2020 (07-08-2020) newsletter This issue includes: COVID-19 Special Articles Our 2-Team Approach During COVID-19 Taking Care of Program Animals Without Programs Moving Our Ambassador Program Forward During the COVID-19 Pandemic SPECIES SPOTLIGHT: Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula SHOW AND TAIL: Beyond the Water Spout – Training Itsy, Bitsy Spiders SHOW AND TAIL: Fernando and Cora: Climbing to New Heights

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