Species Pages

Species Pages

Ambassador animals are broken down by taxonomic group. Visit the following pages to browse ambassador species.

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  • Winter 2021

    12 Jan 2021 by

    Download Winter 2021 (01-11-2021) newsletter This issue includes: AASAG Committee Updates AASAG Communications Committee Update: 2020 Ambassador Animal Collections Survey Results AASAG Best Practices Initiative Update AASAG Professional Development and Research Initiatives Update Articles Socially Distanced Guest Engagement in the Time of COVID-19 SHOW AND TAIL: To Every Animal, There is a Season (Barn Owl) SHOW AND TAIL: The Little… Read more

  • Radiated Tortoise

    7 Dec 2020 by

    Astrochelys radiata Order: Testudines Family: Testudinidae Radiated tortoises are the closest living relative of the Ploughshare tortoises, the most endangered tortoises in the world. Overview This striking species gives the perfect opportunity to talk about the unique biodiversity of Madagascar and the plight of endangered species across the globe. Radiated tortoises are personable and allow guests a hands on experience… Read more

  • Budgie (Budgerigar)

    6 Dec 2020 by

    Budgie (Budgerigar) Latin Name: Melopsittacus undulatus Order: Psittaciformes Family: Psittacidae Overview  Budgies are a charismatic ambassador species due to their outgoing nature. They can be kept as ambassadors either in large walk-through aviaries, where flock size may range in the hundreds, or in a smaller setting as a single bird/pair/small group. Budgies are highly gregarious, and so at least keeping a… Read more

  • Straw- Colored Fruit Bat

    22 Nov 2020 by

    Eidolon helvum Order: Chiroptera Family:Pteropodidae Straw- colored fruit bat Chiroptera is the family of bats. Overview  Natural History Information  Range and Habitat  The straw- colored fruit bat can be found throughout Africa in tropical forests, savannas, and any other area that contains many trees and enough food. They most commonly roost in trees during the day but can also be… Read more

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