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Radiated Tortoise

Astrochelys radiata Order: Testudines Family: Testudinidae Radiated tortoises are the closest living relative of the Ploughshare tortoises, the most endangered tortoises in the world. Overview This striking species gives the perfect opportunity to talk about the unique biodiversity of Madagascar and the plight of endangered species across the globe. Radiated tortoises are personable and allow guests a hands on experience

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Florida Kingsnake

Latin Name: Lampropeltis getula floridiana Order: Squamata Family: Colubridae Considered an unofficial subspecies of kingsnake Overview Capron Park Zoo has been using a Florida Kingsnake as an Animal Ambassador for several years. It is an easily kept species that is forgiving of a variety of husbandry conditions, a good eater with a curious and non-aggressive temperament (unlike many of their

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